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Bust size is determined by the combination of body weight, lifestyle, and genetics. There are very limited options for the enhancement of the breast size without any surgery. The breast enlargement creams and supplements have no proof of being effective. Hence, the best option for natural improvement in the breast size is exercise. Exercises that target the back, shoulder, and pectoral muscles can help in toning the chest muscles and even improve the posture. Here are given some of the exercises for effective breast enlargement:

  • Wall presses

Stand in front of any wall. Place your hands on the wall at the same level as the chest.  Press the palms against the wall and slowly move forward until the head touches the wall. Then return to the initial position. Repeat this ten to fifteen times.

  • Arm circles

Firstly, extend the arms out at the shoulder level. Now, slowly move your arms in forward circular motion for aminute. Then repeat the same procedure for backward motion. Then pulse the arms up and down for one minute in the circular motion. Repeat this for next two to three minutes without any break. Add small weights to improvise this exercise.

  • Arm presses

Stand or sit with hands extended in front of the chest in such a way that the palms are together. Open the arms till they are behind the back. Bend as much as you can. Then bring the arms back to the initial position. Repeat this for one minute. Weights or resistance can be added to modify this exercise.

  • Prayer Pose

Extend your arms and press the palms together for thirty seconds. Then bend the elbows at an angle of ninety degrees and press the palms towards each other right in front of the breast in a prayer position for around ten seconds and then release. Repeat this procedure fifteen times.

  • Horizontal chest press

Extend the arms right in front of the body making an angle. Bend the arms at an angle of ninety degrees.  Wide open the arms and then try to bring them back together. Repeat this for about a minute or so. You can take a rest of ten seconds in between the exercise.

  • Chest press extensions

Hold a dumbbell in both the hands. Then bring the hands up so that they are in line with the shoulders, making sure the elbows are bent. Slowly straighten and extend the arms in front of you. You can extend only one at a time. Then bring the hands back to the shoulders level and finally lower the wrists down. The movement should be slow and controlled. Repeat this ten to fifteen times.

  • The takeaway

Natural breast enhancement techniques

These exercises are the best way for natural enhancement of the breast size. However, the results are not seen immediately. You can use one or all these exercises for best results. Moreover, a proper technique is required to get the required results. Hence these are some of the innocent remedies with the help of which one can increase the size of the breasts over a period,but they need to be followed consistently.