How Does LAN Help in Businesses?

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LAN or Local Area Network has a vast role in modern day businesses. But before getting into details, let us discuss what LAN actually is.

What is LAN?

As the name suggests, LAN is a local area network connection by which multiple computers can be connected via a wired connection, generally in office or home. As I said, LAN connects a number of computers as well as marginal devices like printers, or speakers, with each other, and lets you enjoy a fast internet connection. All the systems connected within a LAN can share and transfer files among each other. They can also communicate themselves via emails and chats.

Now let’s discuss the features of LAN.

Features of LAN

  1. There are several types of LANs depending on the type of computers which are connected. Based on that, one type of LAN is server LAN. In this type of LAN, some strong computers are connected together, which manage printers and other peripheral devices as well as network traffics.

Another type of LAN is peer to peer LAN. This one is comparatively easy to set up and computers are not necessarily as powerful as they are in the former case.

  1. LANs might cover a limited distance, but within this small distance, LANs share any file or documents much faster than a Wide Area Network (WAN). In fact, LANs can be connected to other LAN networks, satellite waves etc. and that way bigger networks are formed. So, it can be told that multiple numbers of LANs form theinternet.

Role of LAN in Business

 LAN has some cool benefits, for which it is being used largely in businesses today. Here I’m discussing some of those benefits.

How Does LAN Help in Businesses?

  1. Most businesses these days are incapable to carry on their work without a fast internet connection. LAN provides them a secured centralized connection with avery fast internet connection, which enables file sharing, document transferring and other activities much easier.
  2. Normally, a LAN is designed with servers with the aim of providing better and fast internet connection. Hence if you are using the Local Area Network connection, you can very well expect better and efficient performance in terms of data availability, data accessibility etc.
  3. A good Local Area Network reduces the operating cost of your business to a large scale. A LAN lets the employees share required devices like printers, faxes, memory storages etc. also, with a good LAN, you can keep your backups safe.
  4. LANs help hugely in the process of remote desktop access. If you know about remote desktop access, then you definitely know, that both the host and target systems require a fast internet connection to connect to each other. And as I have already said, LANs provide a much faster connection compared to WANs. So, web developers and software developers, for whom remote desktop access is a must, use LAN. In this context to be mentioned, one hugely popular and free remote desktop access software is, AeroAdmin.

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