What are RPGs?


What is a roleplaying game?

RPG stands for roleplaying game and is generally played around a table by from four to six people. The game is all about collaborating to produce an nteresting story and to have lots of fun doing it. It is not a game where there are winners and losers. (more…)

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Synapse – RPG game


Synapse is a FREE RPG written by Greg Christopher. The game is a completely open-ended universal system with strong emphasis on character depth and personality. The primary elements of a character are seven mental attributes, including the namesake Synapse. In addition to these, your character chooses from 21 talents to customize precisely what their brain is good (and bad) at. This brain is then placed in a physical body. (more…)

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I’ve just been having a go at playing the Amateur Surgeon Surgery simulation game. Quite enjoyed playing it. Basically the idea is that the main character is a pizza boy called Alan. He runs over a doctor called Dr Bleed and is then forced to perform surgery on him with any implements that he has to hand – various household implements.

After doing this you open your own surgeons and do various types of operations, whatever kind you like such as Rhinoplasty or breast augmentation. It’s a fun game, for anyone who’s had dreams of being a plastic surgeon or any other type of surgeon. You can get hold of it here.

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