The best video games of all time


There have been so many great computer games, that it’s hard to pick the best ones, but I’ve compiled a list of my top ten. Sure you may have very different opinions!

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All about RPGs


RPG stands for roleplaying game and can be played either around a table by from four to six people or on a computer or video console. The game is all about collaborating to produce an interesting story and to have lots of fun doing it. It is not a game where there are winners and losers. Continue reading ‘All about RPGs’

Synapse – RPG game



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How technology is making us better runners

Technology is playing an important part in our lives. We use a lot of technological gadgets in our daily lives. Just think about computers, mobile phones, dish washers, televisions and many more technological inventions. Living without them would be unthinkable for most of us.

Tracking our progress with technology

In the old days we used our brain or paper and pencil to track our progress. Then we used our computer to put the information in a worksheet. But today it is even easier than ever to track your results and progress. There are many workout apps and running apps that will schedule trainings for your training level and track your results and progress thanks to GPS and other functionalities that didn’t exist in the old days. It’s even more accurate than then and super easy to use. Mobile apps really make keeping track of our progress easier.

Running faster and further thanks to science

People run faster thanks to science. Think about people who do altitude trainings. This has had a positive impact on the performance of many athletes. They have been trained to run with less oxygen and thus are able to run further and faster when running under normal conditions.

You don’t even have to run somewhere in the mountains because labs around the globe provide attitude trainings in their buildings.

Short distance runners have other needs than these altitude trainings. They need power and thus muscles. That is why all of them work out regularly in the gym. However there is now a new thing to help these 100 and 200 meter runners. It’s called Bionic Runner and is a special piece of equipment that should make these fast runners even faster than ever before. It delivers a better workout and less chance of injuries.

Another important thing we can’t forget mentioning is that running shoes also play an important part in running quicker and further. It’s is thanks to science and a lot of testing that the best running shoes are sold in stores. Don’t underestimate the impact of the shoes you run on.

People that can run thanks to technology

Some people didn’t have the possibility of running without some technological help. Just think about Oscar Pistorius. This South-African runner has the world record on the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter for handicapped people. His two lower legs were amputated and he runs with artificial limbs. According to some this gives him an unfair advantage and since the Summer Olympics of 2012 handicapped people can only compete in the Paralympic Games.

Will technology bring new world records

It’s very probable that new technologies will help break world records. The question is if these should be allowed. In my opinion things that help to train better should be allowed but during the performance you shouldn’t do it with additional attributes. Looking at Oscar Pistorius performance it is true he had an advantage. His lower legs wouldn’t get soured by running while his opponents didn’t have this advantage. You can only keep a competition fair if everyone can compete with same means. Here this wasn’t the case.

If you really want to be the fastest runner then you should break world records without technical gadgets. But I guess the people will decide in the end.

Is Apple Going To Take on Google?

If we look at the way we live our lives today, involving the gadgets we use, there is a really good chance that Apple has had a lot to do with the development of those gadgets. Because of Apple, computers and cell phones are beyond what anyone thought they could be and they even invented a whole new category of computer, which is of course the tablet. When you stop to think about all that they have done and influenced, it’s really pretty impressive. But what they’ve been up to lately is something we have never seen from them before, and it could change the way we find information in the future.

According to many in the industry, Apple has been in the process for awhile now to compete with Google in the search engine realm of technology. How they plan to do this and what it would look like is still a little unclear, but I reached out the Jared Lee to get his take on this topic. Jared is the owner of Vibranium SEO and a Tulsa SEO expert, and is well versed in search engine happenings.

Jared said that it’s unlikely that Apple would come out with a search engine that would look like Google, meaning they aren’t likely to launch a new website that people would visit to search the web. Instead, he said they are more likely to begin implementing their search engine in their already popular devices, like iPhones, iPads and their computers. In some ways, they have already been doing this, as Jared said Siri is just a fancy search engine that talks to you. Also, many are unaware that Apple has introduced Spotlight search in their new iOS operating systems, which searches the user’s device for whatever they are looking for and will even search the web if it can’t be found on the device. Jared said it wouldn’t be a giant leap for them to introduce their search in that system where people can search the web straight from their phone, using Apple’s very own search engine.

But why would they do this? I posed this question to Jared and he said it’s a little complicated, as some of it has to do with company rivalries and the potential to make more money. The rivalry is probably nothing new to many, as Steve Jobs vowed to go to war with Google. He claimed they copied the iPhone and entered into the smartphone market, which apparently Google claimed they would never do. Many thought that when Jobs passed away, the bad blood would be gone. Perhaps this is just a new method to try and get back at Google.

Money wise, it would make sense for Apple to go after search traffic due to the fact that local search traffic for services and business from a mobile device is going up around 70% every year. If they can get in on some of that traffic, then they can stand to profit greatly from it. Jared pointed out that if searches from smartphones are skyrocketing like they are, then it makes perfect sense to implement a search engine on iPhones, as they dominate the smartphone market. If they can make it user friendly and easy to find anything when using Apple’s own search engine, they will take away a good chunk of market share from Google.

Of course, all this is just speculation at this point. But like they always say, “Where there is smoke, there is probably fire.” Whatever happens in the future, I’m sure it’ll be exciting and there will be a lot of money to be made along the way.

3 Tips to Help You Survive Leveling A Boring Class or Profession

One thing everyone loves (or at least enjoys to some degree) is the time it takes to develop your character in an MMORPG. Getting to endgame always takes a lot of work. And mastering endgame takes even more.

But since MMORPGs appeal to a large variety of people there will always be differences in gaming preferences and sometimes these interests vary to a large degree.

For example, you might enjoy leveling trade skills like herbalism or enchanting while others find it an absolute bore. Or maybe you love healing classes while your friends only enjoy DPS classes.

At some point though you’ll have to put in the time and effort to level a class or profession that you don’t like if you want to be masterful in your respective game.

Maybe you’ve never enjoyed crafting but you’re a mage class who needs to level cloth working to make your top tier gear. Or you’re a pure DPS style player but your friend needs you to heal him while he levels a new character.

The bottom line is that at some point you’re going to need to spend hours working on leveling crafts and classes that bore you. That’s the reality.

I have had to do this countless times across different games. In WoW I had to level blacksmithing for my Paladin. In FFXI I had to level white mage as a subclass for my black mage.

Over time I devised a few strategies to make these periods of time more bearable.

1. Always Find Out How The Most Efficient Ways To Level Up

So you may dislike the process of leveling your class/profession. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put in the work to understand how to most efficiently level it up.

Many people just clench their jaw and blindly level up a profession they dislike. They ignore the process and just focus on when they can be done with it.

This strategy will not only make you like the class/profession even less, it will make you bored out of your mind because you’ll be putting all of your energy into wishing it was over.

Instead take the time to learn how the class/profession works and how to use it effectively. Watch YouTube videos, read guides, ask friends. Whatever it takes.

Who knows, you might end up actually enjoying it by the end.

2. Skill Up With Friends

One of the best aspects of an MMORPG is the social element. We get to play together, without actually being together.

Use this to your advantage when leveling up boring skills.

Maybe someone in your guild is stuck in the same situation you are. You can both level up the class/profession together and talk about other things while doing it. Or maybe you have a friend who really enjoys the skill or profession and wants to help teach it to you.

Not only will the time go by faster, you might build up a stronger friendship and perhaps a broader appreciation for the skill you’re learning.

3. Make Things Comfortable Outside Of The Gaming Console, Too

The first two tips were to help you make leveling more enjoyable in game. For the last tip we’ll focus on making sure that you are comfortable in your room – and in your body – while you level. This should make the entire experience more enjoyable – or at least less uncomfortable.

Be well rested – You might be saving leveling your boring classes for a hungover morning so that you can breeze through the leveling process while half asleep. Yeah that can work. I’ve definitely done that. But you are unlikely to have a good time doing it and you won’t be able to fully appreciate the first two tips above while you’re in this depleted state.

Make your environment comfortable – I know plenty of us game to avoid real life projects or cleaning our rooms. I know I have played hundreds of hours of games in my incredibly messy room that smelled like stale food. I would pretend like I didn’t care, but I’ve found that I have always felt better playing when my space was clean and smelled refreshing.

So before you embark on a potentially dull and mundane leveling journey I recommend cleaning up your living space and making it smell refreshing and clean. I personally use an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser to fill my room with good smells while I game. Essential oils actually have their own healing properties. I even used essential oils for my ear infection awhile ago. Diffusing certain oils can help you focus to give you that extra edge in game, too.


Hopefully these tips help you out next time you are leveling that not so fun class. Feel free to use them when you are enjoying your favorite in game experiences as well.

ProHunts by Cabela + Cooking Your Kill in Real Life!

My present video game fascination is for retro and present day hunting games. There is an old one from Cabela called Big Game Hunter and they now have a new one that is a little different called Pro Hunts. Some video game purists from 2005 when Cabela’s original Big Game Hunter came out will probably not like it just because it is different, but the better graphics and overall more sophisticated play has won me over.

One thing that bugs me about both games though, is the lack of knives. All the hunting is done with firearms. I would like to see some really caveman style hunting options where it’s just you in your fatigues with a good hunting knife (something like these) and maybe a spear. I do have a modern-day hunting knife in real life and so I’m a little biased here. Granted it would take a lot of work on the developer’s part; there would be a whole lot more scenarios to work out and an many more complex movements to program both for hunter and prey. I have a hunting buddy who gets bored with the SIM-style games pretty quickly though. To him it is just no comparison. He cites a large part of the benefit of his hunting forays as simply being in the outdoors with all the smells, changing weather, physical challenge and so on. I can’t blame him really. It would kind of be like a real professional auto thief playing Grand Theft Auto: kind of fun but no adrenalin rush by comparison.

That same hunting buddy sometimes brings me some meat from his hunts. I use one of the most expensive and best Zojirushi rice cookers. It has a lot of functions and programs in itself – I like high-tech in my kitchen as well as in my game playing. It becomes a little bit of a game using the cooker’s different functions and programs to see if I can come up with an original set of procedures not described in the instruction book. After all it has only been a few years that rice cookers have been as complex and capable as they now are and their capabilities are still being discovered. Since they have such a large number of functions and programs and people use them for much more than rice cooking I’m not sure they should just be called rice cookers anymore. Last week alone I cooked stew, beans, a pound cake and an omelette besides using it once for rice. Maybe a better name would be multi-cooker?

In a way the rice cooker has improved my gaming too. My diet has improved which has improved my mind-set and energy levels which in turn has improved my gamer’s stamina and led to more successful sessions. Too many Doritos and Cokes leads to tiredness. Healthy fresh-cooked food leads to more energy. It’s similar to what a lot of professional poker players are now doing: eating carefully for sustained energy is said by many a tournament player to definitely aid mental clarity during a long day sitting at the felt.

My Analysis on The Recent Drop Off in World of Warcraft Subscribers

If you’re involved in the online gaming world then you’ve likely heard the news – World of Warcraft subscriptions rates are falling and many gamers are calling this the “death of WoW”.

Whether you think that WoW is dying or not, it’s easy to see that something is up. World of Warcraft has lost over 2 million subscribers in its last month, leaving behind just 7 million compared to the 13 million it had at its peak.

While I don’t personally believe that the game is going to die out anytime soon, I do believe that Blizzard is losing subscribers for their game partially due to mistakes of their own making.

I am going to go over three big factors that I believe contribute to the declining player base of WoW. The first two are not entirely the fault of Blizzard, while the last one I believe leaves them at fault.

1. MMORPGs are Losing Popularity in the Gaming Market

With the advent of mobile gaming and an aging gamer demographic people are spending more time gaming it up on their phones than they are on their desktops. Because of this practically all MMORPGs have seen a drop in subscriptions over the past few years.

While mobile games have become increasingly complex and appealing, a large part of their popularity is due to the ability to access the game on the go. Just five years ago the majority of MMORPG players were in their early to mid twenties. Now the average gamer is 31. No longer able to hide away in their dorm rooms for late night raids, many have left their guilds and, ultimately, the MMOs they played now that they’ve picked up careers and started to build families.

2. Younger MMORPG Players Bring Less Skill and More Impatience to the Gaming Community

This is a gripe I’ve heard a lot. As veteran players are leaving WoW in mass they are being replaced by a very young demographic of players.

There has always been young players joining the World of Warcraft community, but now that there are less veteran players and less well established guilds the remaining veterans are finding themselves in need of players to complete raids and they are forced to play with inexperienced players far often than they have in the past.

Now I am all for new players exploring and learning a new game. But kids these days are incredibly inpatient. Every time I join an instance full of young players I’m reminded of how I felt when I had the terrible skin condition scabies. That mite infestation was incredibly difficult to get rid of and left me anxious, irritable and aggravated for months. All of these young players I play with act like I did when I had that condition – and they are just as hard to get away from.

Now I’ll touch on one way that I believe Blizzard is at least partially to blame for the decline in players on WoW

3. The Game has Become Increasingly Anti-Social

Now I can’t entirely blame this on Blizzard as online game players have become less social and more goal oriented over time, but the way that the game is set up has greatly decreased player interaction.

Basically everything these days, especially in endgame play, is instanced. Because of this people don’t roam the game anymore and there’s very little city wide events or world PvP.

For a lot of long time players it was the interactions within the world the made the game what it was. Now people just queue for instances in their garrisons and hardly ever speak. They don’t even speak once they are inside of their instances.

Blizzard has not helped this. They don’t promote activity outside in the non-instanced world and they have have not introduced any good cities to hang out in for multiple expansions. There are also no longer any cities that people spend time in where players of both factions can interact with each other.

This is a sad state. And it is because of this social stratification that I too have decided to leave the game.

Endless Runner Alternatives to Temple Run

Temple Run is the most popular game when it comes to endless runners. If you love this game genre but would like to try other alternatives aside from Temple Run, there are other great games that you can download on your mobile phone and play for hours. They have generally the same gameplay, which would require you to run as long as you can to get a higher score. There are also items and upgrades that you can get along the way. What makes them even more fun are the different characters and backgrounds available. Let’s take a look at some of the top options for endless runners.

Subway Surfers

This endless runner is available for iOS and Android devices. Collect coins and upgrades along the way, while avoiding obstacles and trains on the subway. Jake is the default character in Subway Surfers, although you get to unlock other characters or purchase them. What makes this different from other endless runners is that there’s a new theme available every month. You just need to get the updates and you’ll be playing the latest version of the game. Some of these themes are London, Mumbai, Seoul and Miami. The characters, backgrounds and surfboards are based on the city that you are in.

Chucky: Slash and Stash

Your favorite antagonist is now the star of an endless runner game. Play the character of Chucky as you avoid various obstacles and killing the enemies with your different weapons and killer moves. Some of the weapons that you can collect and use are cleavers, scissors and knives. The setting is in the Good Guy’s Doll Factory where he was made. Here’s a little trivia about Chucky; did you know that it was actually inspired by real life horror doll, Robert the Doll? You can read more about this creepy doll by clicking the link. If you’re into scary and creepy stuffs, you should check it out.

Batman & the Flash: Hero Run

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a hero, this is your chance to make that dream come true; well, at least in the game. You get to play the role of The Flash during the day and Batman during the night. Of course there are obstacles to avoid, but aside from this, you may also look forward to boss fights. These heroes also have different versions, which you can unlock and use throughout the game. There are also card collection games in the app, where you can play as the villains, instead of the heroes. You get to experience the best of both worlds in this game.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Dash, gallop and jump as a unicorn to reach the farthest distance, while avoiding falling off the stages or hitting the obstacles. Collect pixies while you enjoy listening to Erasure’s hit single, “Always”. Everything about this game screams fantasy and magic. You have three wishes or lives, so you can try three times before getting the total distance that you covered.

You will never run out of great endless runners to try and there would never be a boring moment playing them. Check them out now and see which of them you like best.

How Technology Can Make Fitness More Fun

I have to give a shoutout to my good friend, Dallas Mitchell, who has helped me a lot in my quest to get in better shape. He actually introduced me to a lot of the things I list in this article because even though he’s a trainer/coach who loves fitness, he also is a tech nerd like me. He runs a site called The Muscle Review that you should check it out. He really puts out some good information. You can learn more about him and check out his site at

It’s no secret that I love video games and all things involving technology. Because of these interests, not many would think that I’d also be into fitness, since they don’t seem to be in the same category. But they can be! Being a gamer and a tech nerd, I have the tendency to spend a lot of time sitting. As I’ve gotten older and I pay more attention to my health, I know that this isn’t necessarily a good thing for my long term health. So when I started to look into getting myself into better shape, I was happy to see that there are a lot of technological advances in fitness technology and there are also some cool apps that make fitness more like a videogame as well. So coming from someone who doesn’t necessarily love fitness, I’d love to help others who perhaps are in the same boat as me. I’m going to share with you some ways that technology is making fitness more fun.


This much talked about fitness tracker isn’t anything new to many people, but it really does make working out a little more fun. It has the ability to let you look back on your workout and see exactly what you accomplished. That aspect of it can make it like a game because you can see what you did last time and try to beat different aspects of it like calories burned, time worked out, and other stats it keeps track of during your workout.


This is a iPhone app (not sure if it’s on Android yet) and this is a really fun app to use, as it does a couple of neat things for you. First, it is a workout tracker. You record different exercises you do and various stats for each exercise. Secondly, the really cool part is that it creates a video game-like atmosphere by rewarding you for reaching different levels. It also has a community where you can interact with other users and see their workouts as well. It even has a part where you can hire a coach to help you reach whatever goal it is that you wish to accomplish. It actually makes working out a little fun and gives you something to strive for instead of just going to the gym aimlessly without any goals.

Apple Watch

Now, this one I’m still trying out. It does a lot of things that the Fitbit does, many of which are not as good as the Fitbit as of yet, but it does have the potential to be really great. It does a lot of things already, like let you track heart rate, steps taken over a period of time and other important aspects of your health. I believe, in the near future, the apps that will be developed for it are going to be what’s best about it. Think about how great it would be to be able to use Fitocracy on your Apple Watch. You could see your workout and enter it in right on your watch instead of having to grab your phone after every set to enter in everything. While it’s not there yet, I think this will be one of the best things to come about that makes fitness really more fun and enticing.


I’m sure you are all familiar with Spotify and probably use it on a daily basis, but one of the hidden gems of it is that there are tons of playlists created by Spotify and other users just for working out. I absolutely have to listen to music when working out so this is a life saver. Having the ready-to-go playlists is really great. There are playlists for “hardcore” workouts and there are even “mello” workout mixes. It’s really something that helps pass the time while I’m doing something I don’t really love to do and actually makes it enjoyable.

Getting Outside: Learning To Play Paintball

I always say that I spend too much time in front of the computer and want to get outside more. Unfortunately, I never do it. Lately though, I’ve been trying to change that, and have been looking for new activities to try that are not computer based, so I asked a few friends if I could tag along with them when they went out and did things. The first person that took me up on the offer was Mark, who took me to play paintball!

I didnt know much about the game before I went, so I did a little research and talked to mark, who also runs a website called paintball enthusiast.
Paintball is popular game that has been around for more than a decade. While it’s mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults, people of all ages can enjoy paintballing. Paintball guns shoot out paint pellets that splatter upon contact. Being hit by a paintball may sting a bit, but a majority feel it’s part of the game.

Knowing the Basics

Paintball rules vary depending on the players involved. The game usually involves playing in teams, with the aim of eliminating the opposing party. This can be accomplished by shooting the opposing person with a gun while trying not to get by hit.


Paintball can be played outdoors or indoors. There are times when the terrain is in a natural environment while others are simply man-made. Paintball can played within an enclosed location although it can also be carried out in the woods. The woods offer a realistic feel and natural ground cover. Diving on ground dirt isn’t as painful compared to that of concrete. Commercial paintball venues can be outdoors or indoors. A majority possess bunkers and obstacles, which adds a bit of thrill to the game.


Paintball requires only a few equipment pieces for game play. A paintball gun is usually the main equipment you need and there are many different types. Paintball guns have attaching loaders and a highly compressed gas bottle that can be used as a propellant. The ammunition comes in the form of paintballs. They’re usually small beads made from dye and polyethylene glycol. It’s essential to have a mask to keep your face protected from paintball hits. Paintball venues nowadays always require masks to play but players can buy them if they want to continue playing paintball elsewhere. There are many different styles of guns for different styles of play, including paintball guns that work better for experienced players or for new players.

Playing by League

Paintball is typically played for the sake of enjoyment. However, there are professional paintball leagues that bring in hardcore players who want to join. Paintball is played a bit differently in leagues. Surface environments are flat and matches are played in a small area. This gives judges and watchers plenty of room to see what’s happening. Game play is shorter and more intense since there aren’t too many places to hide.

Game Safety

Some consider paintball to be a dangerous game, but it’s actually the opposite. This is because it’s a non-contact sport. The worst injury you can attain is by not wearing a protective equipment. It’s imperative to put on a safety gear while you pay to avoid injuries to your eyes and other sensitive parts of your body.

A majority of people who take part in paintball do it for fun. Most gamers play with paintball guns to act out their virtual gaming in real life. But for most people, it’s simply an outlet from any their daily work or school.

How Wing Chun Can Help You Lose Weight and Stay Fit

These days, when you are not gaming, you can find a lot of techniques to lose weight. Some of them work, but majority of them don’t. However, the truth is that these techniques will work only if you put your heart into them. Otherwise, you won’t see any progress. Of course, you don’t have to try out different techniques or spend a lot of hours doing them. You just have to find one that works well for you and make the most out of it. This is what I did.

It took time for me to find a weight lose technique that really works for me. The ones that I have tried before are quite easy, but the results are not visible. There are other techniques that seem really effective, but I always feel tired. Therefore, I let go of those techniques, up until I found Wing Chun. This is more of a traditional approach, but it works. In fact, when I first tried it out, weight loss was not really my goal. The main purpose of doing it is to try a unique martial art. It is something like I have never seen before. Eventually, I found it enjoyable and as I progressed, I realized that I lost weight too.

How does Wing Chun work?

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial arts that emphasize on the importance of focusing on reflexes. It also gives emphasis on optimal timing, accuracy, speed and balance. Along the way, you need to learn how to deal with a Wing Chun dummy. During the training session, you would have to face the dummy so you can practice the necessary techniques.

Getting a dummy is essential since it helps you in your practice. You can now do what you are supposed to do without hurting anyone. You can practice the right principles in Wing Chun and use your actual force. Using the dummy, you can also practice to use correct angle and balance. Aside from these attributes, you learn a lot more including mobility, speed and power. The more you spend time practicing with the dummy, the bigger are the chances of you doing well in this martial art.

What are the Wing Chun basics

Though Wing Chun looks simple at first since you are just facing a dummy, the truth is that it can be very tough. You need to use almost your entire body just to get the job done. You need your palm and forearms for punching and you need your legs and feet for the heaving kick. You also need to use some defense techniques. You learn how to toughen it out with the help of the dummy since its energy does not reduce.
The good thing about using a dummy is that even if it is not a real person, it can be very reactive. It allows you to execute your blocks and strikes properly. You must also learn when to strike and when to block. The dummy represents the assailant. Thus, it is designed to react to your movements. Thus, you learn to develop your reflexes along the way. Most of all, you also learn how to enhance your visual reflexes. You need to be visually focused since you need to know where the next strike is or else you will be hit.

Staying fit with Wing Chun

The best part about this technique is that it allows you to make use of your entire body. This means that you can easily lose weight since every part of your body is activated. You will realize that you are already sweating after just doing your job for a few minutes. You are also assured that the weight loss is equally distributed throughout the body. You don’t have to go for a session that focuses only on your upper body and another session for the lower body. Wing Chun provides a complete workout. The best part is that you are enjoying the process. Thus, you don’t really feel like you are exerting a lot of effort. Wing Chun is basically designed for self-defense. Your attention is on how to be strong and stay protected. If you lose weight and stay fit, it is just a bonus.

Another reason why you will lose weight doing Wing Chun is because the moves are pretty basic. Those are movements that you can easily do without the aid of anyone. In fact, if you have a dummy, you can do it at home. Thus, as soon as you have the energy to do some techniques, you can do so. Hence, you have more reasons to lose weight.

Some Quick Safety tips

Though Wing Chun is effective, you have to understand that you are dealing with wooden dummies. Thus, you need to be extra careful. You have to prepare for the impact on your body. There are techniques that might be a bit complicated and will hurt you if not done well. Your lower extremities might also get sore due to repetitive movements. The dummy must be padded though for total safety.
Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can now start Wing Chun and lose weight.

Koala Paddle Boards & Knife Throwing: Two Ancient Games to Remind Us How Far We’ve Come

Usually I favour the more complex games with cutting-edge graphics, but I still get a kick out of the simple and free online ones that often use flash. Can’t beat free, right? Free online games are mostly quite primitive and can only keep a good gamer amused for moments — if at all — but they do have a market. In some case the users are really young kids who don’t have the intellect or sensory-motor skills for complex games. In other cases a special interest group creates an easy game for people sympathetic to the interest.

As an example of a game that might be fascinating for a small children let’s look at Koala Paddleboards. While I prefer to use the real thing when I can (I have a really good standup paddle board (SUP) myself) I can see how this game would appeal to a child. It’s colorful. It’s got a catchy tune. It’s easy to learn. It’s easy to get some success. Most of all it has got koalas and paddle boards, two very fun things. I can imagine it would be especially engaging for any child who’s seen a koala in real life, like at a zoo or in Australia, or anyone who’s actually used a paddle board. It’s pretty simple really, and does have the objective of teaching spelling, so it might even get used in a classroom setting or by a parent trying to direct their child’s play time in a wholesome and useful way.

The other one is a little more sinister. It is a knife throwing game using unpopular but well-known people ranging from celebrities to politicians. It looks super-old too with people like Britney Spears and George Bush used a targets. It is up to you whether you are aiming to hit or miss. This is a flash game that gets me reminiscing about the old days – ha! I think it would be more interesting to try to use an actual knife and throw at a tree or an old piece of plywood. I’ve become kind of motivated to look at purchasing a good survival knife or hunting knife. I’ve already got a good folding knife but it is not much good for throwing.

Anyway, as I mention these games won’t hold your attention for long. If you have a good gaming set-up and have just played a couple of hours of Call of Duty it is going to seem like you’ve gone back to the stone ages and taken a sedative. But it is cool to go back and try an old game from time to time so that you realize how far we’ve come. It is also interesting to think how games will evolve. How will games change so that the ones we play now will seem primitive in 10 years time? I’m expecting graphic will vastly improve and more of the five senses will become involved. Maybe games will be more plugged into our biological response and alter as our blood pressure or pulse goes up and down.